Vacation Rentals & Property Conversions

At ADR Global, we can help you plan and execute the conversion of an asset into a full vacation rental property or utilize the existing online options for an existing asset. We have direct experience with successful conversion of properties in several markets to this model with immediate positive revenue impact. We can help you maximize your property’s potential and generate a steady income stream through vacation rentals.

What We Do

We serve as your partners, helping review the evaluation for possible conversion of various types of properties into vacation rentals. As part of our service, we help you review an existing property and the financial implications of converting to a Vacation Rental model. We also have structured financial review options for consideration when it comes to investment in the purchase of a new property.  We also have detailed experience in effectively managing a property once a conversion has been implemented.  This includes aspects of set rates, managing online services, management of customer review services, connectivity, and software & hardware for effective management of property.

  • Hotel Property Conversion Analysis
  • Budgeting Reviews vs Hotel Model
  • Software and Connectivity Options
  • Pricing Models
  • Reservation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Revenue Management
  • New Property Purchase Evaluation

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