Flag Agreements

A big brand partnership is an important decision for any hotel property, whether in development or an existing property. We can work with you to understand the best option of a Full Brand Flag, a Soft Brand Flag, or the benefits of operating as a true Independent property. We understand the possible Financial Loan needs for partnering with a Brand and the Sales / Marketing / Operational impacts of working with or without a Flag Agreement.

Contract Reviews for

Flag Partnership

Our experienced consultants conduct detailed reviews of Flag partnership contracts, ensuring that your interests are protected and the terms align with your property’s goals. We provide valuable insights and recommendations to negotiate favorable terms, optimize revenue-sharing models, and maximize the benefits of your Flag affiliation.

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Manage the full potential of your Flag partnership and boost your business growth with brand affiliation. With the help of our consultants, you can ensure you’re maximizing your Flag agreement to its fullest potential.

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