ADR Global has been created for Hotel Owners, Asset Managers, and GMs as short-term access to industry professionals without the extensive contracts of a traditional management company.  We provide targeted analysis and improvement plans for any specific area that you may have concerns with at your property. We know that as an Owner or GM, it is impossible to be an expert on all aspects of the business at all times. We created ADR Global to bridge the gap between internal knowledge and reliance on outside management, marketing, or traditional big brand flag companies.


We are not a management company and we only work for clients who need a targeted review on a specific aspect of their business where you feel your team needs help, you are unsure if your current agreement with a Marketing partner or Management company is being maximized, or you need short term skilled financial services. We will work with you to understand your concerns, address any areas of opportunity and establish an optimized action plan for you to implement with your teams. Our areas of expertise are all focused on improving efficiencies, maximizing revenue streams and structured financial planning with defined results for improved overall revenue.

We have experience in all areas of the world working in the United States, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and Asia. We understand that while most aspects of running a successful hotel or resort are universal, we have years of experience working in different social environments and will include the regional unique aspects to any service we provide for you.


We commit to being a fully independent consultant for your business without the intention of becoming your management company. Our industry team will address the fact-based concerns of the area and present you with a full detailed report on where your strengths are, where improvement is needed, and what the expected revenue returns will be.



Paul Cohen
Having worked with the team at ADR Global in the past, we know their experience with Leisure & Group Sales in the boutique and resort hotel landscape would be exceptionally useful for a property working independently or with a brand affiliation.
Paul Cohen, Co-Founder and Partner at International Experiences. (IE Limited)
Jesper Arnoldsson
We use the team at ADR Global for planning and implementation for Marketing, Leisure Sales and Revenue Management for our properties. Their short-term contracts allow us to engage professional services for these areas, without the cost of bringing on director level positions when acquiring a new property.
Jesper Arnoldsson, Hospitality Entrepreneur / CEO - SMS Lodging
gustaf arnoldsson

At Cornerstone Fund we consistently use ADR Global for Due Diligence on potential new hotel purchases for review of a variety of aspects. Their Flag Agreement understanding, Revenue Management knowledge and depth of Sales & Marketing experience have helped us make critical decisions on investments or non investments in new hotels.

Gustaf Arnoldsson, CFO SMS Lodging & President of Cornerstone Funds

The ADR Global team is very experienced with understanding the needs and budgets for hotels and resorts. They really understood the depth of what the client needed and was instrumental in explaining to the client how the investment in social media would work for their property.

Greg Cannon, Brand Engagement and Experience.
Working with this team was extremely helpful for an operational overview. Their experience with all areas of operations brought in some unique ideas and approaches that proved to be solid revenue drivers and customer service solutions.
Jason Dougan, Crerar Hotels - General Manager
Michael Zhu – Partner / SVP of International Operations Planning & Analysis

The ADR Global team has such a solid background and rich expertise in Resort Operations, Marketing, and Financial Analysis fields that they provided invaluable insights which are critical for the overall success of our new property’s feasibility and market assessments.

Michael Zhu, Partner / SVP of International Operations Planning & Analysis



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